A.P. Lee & Co., Ltd., Publishers
Editorial Services to Authors

A.P. Lee & Co., Ltd., offers unique editorial and proofreading services to
authors who self-publish, or who simply want to improve their manuscripts
prior to submission to a potential publisher or agent. Our services are
unique because we understand the concepts and ideas writers of spiritual,
metaphysical, and New Age materials wish to convey to their readers. We do
not edit the meaning of your message to try to substitute our own beliefs for
yours. We understand that your words may have been inspired or guided by
"higher authorities."  So our editors do not change your writing style unless
it is necessary to correct grammar.

We can help you compose your manuscript from the outline and
organization stage through drafting the precise language to make your
points with clarity and color. We can also edit your work for accuracy,
consistency, grammar, and punctuation consistent with the
Chicago Manual
of Style
. When your work is crafted to your satisfaction, we can proofread it.

We offer competitive rates for editing and proofreading services. Contact us
at APLeeCo@sbcglobal.net for more information.